Historic route Breda

DE WANDELINGDeze wandeling voert u, op enkele uitzonderingen na, door wat het oudste deel van Breda genoemd mag worden.Het gaat hier om de historische binnenstad, zoals deze omstreeks 1330 door de Heer van Breda, in opdracht van de Hertog van Brabant,… Read more

This walk will take you, with a few exceptions, through what may be called the oldest part of Breda.
It concerns the historic inner city as it was surrounded by stone walls and gates around 1330 by the Lord of Breda, by order of the Duke of Brabant.
It may be good to follow that first city wall in your mind for a while, so that you get a better impression of the medieval Breda, through which you are walking with the help of this guidebook.

Breda was surrounded by a city wall, reinforced with towers and gates. It started at the Castle of Breda and continued along the water of the river Mark, towards the harbour, Tolbrugstraat (gate), Markendaalseweg, Karnemelkstraat, Eindstraat (gate), Houtmarkt, OudeVest, Vlaszak, Veemarktstraat (gate), north of Catharinastraat, to finally close the ring at the castle in Valkenberg.